Why having a chatbot is necessary.

All future businesses require chatbots.

Why having a chatbot is necessary. - All future businesses require chatbots.

  • Increasingly, businesses are using chatbots to improve their customer service and customer acquisition rates as they find people prefer messaging or texting with a chatbot than speaking to a customer service representative on the phone. These are often associated with long waiting times, confusing information and don't lead to a satisfied consumer.
  • A survey by Oracle found that some 80% of businesses want a chatbot by 2020. 
  • People don't care about whether it is a chatbot or a human as long as the problem/enquiry can be solved. With Artificial intelligence and automative learning continually improving, so are the abilities of chatbots to do this. 

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Where and how do i get a chatbot?


There are apps that can be used to make chatbots yourself however these are tedious, often require some sort of payment plan and can take a very long time to use. They are also very limited in terms of their capabilities. Your best bet is to contact a tech company that specializes in making chatbots. The benefit is they are very customizable. However, the big tech companies can charge from anywhere between $20,000 - $100,000.

Here at Defnetly, we charge far below the industry standard at $1200 but we also offer completely customizable services. We have scouted out our competitors and not only is our product cheaper, it is also better. 

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